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Carnival changes every year because it follows the lunar calendar, Bacchanal Road Parade will take place on April 28, 2019.

Bacchanal’s ultra-all-inclusive package includes premium alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks, lunch and dinner, security, on-site paramedics, mobile restroom, final fete & of course your costume.

VVIP is a priority service that provides masqueraders with a stress-free and enjoyable carnival experience. This includes concierge services, delivery of costumes, party tickets meet and greet, departures services if desired (for overseas clients) and special provisions during the parade.

The Roach March starts at Sovereign Centre (106 Hope Road) and leaves promptly at 10am. Visit our Route’s Page for more details.

- Bacchanal signature events include:
- Bacchanal & Dancehall - April 12, 2019
- Rum for Breakfast – March 30, 2019
- Beach J’ouvert - April 20, 2019
- Bacchanal J’ouvert - April 26, 2019
Visit our Events Page for more details.  

Costumes can be viewed at our showroom located at Mas Camp located at the Stadium on Arthur Wint Drive during the Carnival Season.

We can recommend you to our travel affiliates who will assist with travel arrangements.

Costume distribution will be emailed to masqueraders as well as posted on our social media accounts. The final day to collect costumes is the Saturday before Road Parade.

Yes, however add-on must be purchased before cutoff date.

All purchases are final. In order to recover your purchase, YOU would have to independently advertise your costume for sale.

Yes, you can change your bikini size only if we have the requested size available.

Yes, you can, however a bra MUST BE PROVIDED FOR DECORATION at least 1 month before cutoff date.

Yes you can, the person collecting the costume on your behalf must have a valid ID along with an authorization letter.

- Start the morning with a good breakfast (lots of carbs to soak up the rum).
- Keep hydrated, drink lots of water throughout the day. We recommend a bottle of water for every 3 alcoholic drinks.
 - Wear comfortable footwear. We don’t recommend wearing a new pair on the day of the Parade.
- Don’t wander off alone, stay with friends on the road within the security ropes.
- You have the freedom to enhance your costume but leave valuables at home. Don’t carry unnecessary items. No flashy expensive jewelry, no excessive amount of money, etc. The band is all-inclusive you don't need money!
- Don’t forget sunblock, the sun can be unforgiving. (Minimum SPF 30 recommended).
- Things to carry: hair pins, safety pins, body tape, camera phone, portable phone charger.
- LISTEN to the security teams’ instructions, they're there to keep you safe.
-Most important FETE! Have fun but drink responsibly.