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About Us

Our Story

Imagine the sun on your shoulders, sweat on your brow, music in your heart, and the spirit in your feet. You are dancing on the road with no worries and no sleep; surrounded by thousands singing at the top of their lungs. Your eyes behold glorious costumes of the women and men playing mas. This is a celebration of life and new beginnings. Welcome to Bacchanal Jamaica!


An intense hurricane prevented a group of carnival enthusiasts, who called themselves The Oakridge Boys, from making their annual trip to attend Trinidad Carnival. Out of their disappointment, a new idea was born that has now grown into one of the top, most exuberant carnival experiences on the planet for adults of all ages!

In 2000 three carnival groups formed Bacchanal Jamaica – Pretty Mas groups Oakridge Boys who had their first carnival in 1989, Revellers who had previously been a band in Jamaica carnival since 1994 and J’ouvert proponents Raiders whose first fete was in 1995. 


Bacchanal Jamaica has become the main facet of Carnival in Jamaica’s season and continues to grow from strength to strength, commanding thousands of fun lovers, soca junkies and celebrities to participate, celebrate and spread ‘one love’. Bacchanal Jamaica was not birthed to compete with the jewel that is Trinidad’s Carnival. Bacchanal was created to bring its own unique gems of energy, flavour and culture, that are Jamaica, to the all-encompassing crown of Jamaica’s carnival season.

Unlike many of the carnivals held throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, Jamaica kicks off its carnival week after Lent on Easter Saturday. This week is jam packed with activities every night until the Road March grande finale on the following weekend.

Bacchanal Jamaica has evolved into a dedicated ’family’ that invests hundreds of hours into designing distinct, innovative costumes that complement a custom annual theme. Our team also brings the same intensity, vigour, and passion to the creation and execution of every event and party just so the other  family members , our revellers ( bacchanlists ) have the time of their lives  each and every time. 


In  March 2020 Jamaica’s  annual carnival season was suspended for 2020 and  then  for 2021   due to the Covid  Pandemic.  In  March 2022 the Government of Jamaica announced dates for an adjusted carnival season from July 1 to July 10 2022.  Bacchanal Jamaica in turn  announced dates for it’s staple carnival events,  Rum For Breakfast (RFB), Premium and Bacchanal J’ouvert, with the Road March set for July 10 . 

Yes Bacchanal is Back!! And for band members  who had already booked  their costumes for 2020 and those newbies wishing   to get on board for  2022, all are welcome to  what we are determined to  create -  the best  Carnival in Jamaica  ever .  2022  will be truly a year of renewal  and Bacchanal Jamaica is ready to help our revelers and the world rediscover the irreplaceable beauty of  simple person to person interaction  in glorious celebration of life.  See you in July!